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Trust Busters and Trust Builders
Trust Builders & Trust Busters
Trust Busters
Selfish: Take care of self at the expense of others. Self promotion takes precedence over working with the team.

Ambitious: Too focused on positioning self (looking good) for the next job at the expense of the team.

Insincere: Not up front, withholding/distorting information. Tell one person one thing and another person something else.

Controlling Nature: Want to control all the decisions. Want to control the information and use it for their own benefit.

Defensive: Defend own opinions and do not listen to others. Move ahead without adequate facts.

Distrustful: Don't show trust or consideration for teammates. Leave them out if they think they might disagree, even when it's obvious that they have a stake in the decision/action.

Trust Builders
Trusting and Open: Candid. Share their true feelings. Not spin.

Honest: Exhibit integrity and authenticity. Act the same no matter who is around. Walk the talk.

Transparent: No private agenda, no surprises. What you see is what you get.

Genuinely Care: Concerned about the needs of others as evidenced by actions not just words.

Listen: Listen carefully, non-judgmentally, with empathy.

Seek and Value Other Opinions (before making decisions).

Support: Reach out to help others.

Build Relationships: Socialise, engage in fun activities.
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