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From an individual:
"I wanted to say thank you very much for coming over and showing me how the Right Path 4 and 6 assessments work. The main thing is that your advice was greatly appreciated. I am now working again and would like to catch up with you both soon. In the meantime, thank you again."

From a corporate:
"We had recently appointed 2 Customer Sales Supervisors due to a resignation and a staff transfer. This substantially altered the dynamics of the Management/Supervisory team in Customer Sales. Two existing supervisors had more than 40 years experience between them, whilst the two new recruits had worked in the team for 3 and 5 years respectively. The Customer Sales Manager had been with us for over 20 years."

"Our objective was to have the new team up and running as effectively as possible in a short time frame. Polonious Resources worked with the team utilizing the Right Path 4 and 6 assessments, identifying the strengths and struggles of each individual. These were verified with each team member in private. Group discussions and exercises were then conducted to identify methods of maximizing the effectiveness of the team, and building on the strengths of each team member, in line with company objectives."

"The enthusiasm of the team and the agreed outcomes achieved were extremely encouraging. Geoff and David did an admirable job bringing together the process, involving each individual and facilitating the plan forward. I would not hesitate to recommend Polonious Resources and Right Path."

About RightPath
"RightPath's accuracy in predicting a person's strengths and weaknesses is uncanny. Considering the sizeable investment we make in training our new people, we would not now think of hiring without using profiles."

"Through the RightPath profiles we are learning how to capitalize on our differences rather than let them divide us."

"Because of the success in hiring in the sales arena we have decided to expand the use of the RightPath system to the other departments. Already we are using the concepts to manage better, especially in successfully matching people to positions where they will excel and find fulfillment. Ultimately we believe the knowledge gained will help us retain more of our people."

"RightPath's products, services and support have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for hiring. managing and retaining people."
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