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Team Dynamics
Team Dynamics
Polonious Resources:
  • Works with the team leader to describe the objectives and opportunities available.
  • Provides the Right Path online profile assessment to the team leader and to each team member.
  • Carries out 1 on 1 feedback sessions with each person, to agree the natural behavioral profile of each member in private.
  • Shares with the leader the results of 1 on 1 discussions, and any issues arising from the team profile.
  • Conducts a team session (normally 2 to 3 hours) to work through internal and external environmental issues, fundamentals of teams, diversity v. unity, objectivity, leadership v. control and trust.
  • Creates a written report overlaying individual profiles to create a team profile, and discuss the differences of individual approaches to similar issues, and how this may be perceived by those outside the team.
  • Re-visits the team leader after 3 and 12 months.
This is a very rewarding process for all concerned. Team Dynamics raises the effectiveness and efficiency of any team. It can be used to re-vitalise the team, to assist with new goals and objectives (particularly when these appear insurmountable), to provide focus to a key annual meeting, or where there is a new team or team leader. Highly recommended.

Team Dynamics
Pre Event:
  • Meet with management team
  • Establish any specific client objectives
  • Identify issues
  • Agree on measurement and timeframes
  • Brief Team
  • Conduct individual team member profiles online
  • Review findings with manager
  • Review findings with individual team members
  • Overlay team findings to agree break out topics with manager
During the Event:
  • Review broad behavioural types against team findings
  • Select teams comprising a cross-section of behavioural types
  • Manager re-affirms objectives, responsibilities and time frames
  • Teams develop and present strategies and plans
  • Strategies and Plans reviewed by other teams
  • Action plans agreed and responsibilities allocated
  • Summary
  • Time frames and review process agreed.
Post Event
  • Mid term review of progress and key vectors
  • Year end team review
  • Facilitates a clear understanding of agreed corporate policy, company ethics and individual responsibilities.
  • Encourages individual team members natural talents to further contribute to corporate strength.
  • Builds team members inter-dependence, trust, harmony and loyalty.
  • Increases the retention of valued team members.
  • Provides enhanced resource allocation
  • Enables plans to reflect the real environment, identifying opportunities and neutralising challenges.
Charging is per person: $750 (inc GST)
Minimum 6 people.

  • RightPath 4 & 6 online profile assessments.
  • Individual reports in soft and paper format.
  • Correlation summary of both profiles per person.
  • Team profile report.
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