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Staff Selection
Staff Selection
Polonious Resources:
  1. Using the Right Path online profile system, provides a printable soft copy written analysis of the candidate's natural behavioral traits.
  2. Identifies any inconsistency in candidate answers, typically where a candidate attempts to create a profile that is considered to fit the position being offered, rather than answering honestly.
  3. Describes typical strengths and struggles in identified natural behavior.
  4. Identifies acquired behavior.
  5. Provides comment on whether a candidate is likely to provide a good fit for the position offered - known as square pegging.
  6. Identifies candidates preferred communication style.
  7. Provides printable soft copy summary comparative report and comments where more than one candidate is being assessed.
Charging is per person: $750 (inc GST)
Reduction in charges is available when more than three short-listed candidates are considered.

Charges include:
  • RightPath 4 & 6 online profile assessments.
  • Individual reports in soft and hard copy format.
  • Correlated summary of both profiles.
  • Personal feedback sessions on profile findings.
  • Comparitive comment on candidates.
Note that profile reports are a small but vital part of any assessment process. They should never be taken as the sole basis for decision.
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