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Products and Services
Polonious Resources offers professional affordable support for your business relating to:
  • STAFF SELECTION - final selection from short listed candidates, as opposed to search. Our processes help validate 'gut feeling' about candidate suitability
  • OUTPLACEMENT – assisting people who are dealing with the implications and opportunities following retrenchment.
  • BUSINESS COACHING – assisting with specific or general self-development issues.
  • LEADERSHIP – it is impossible to lead effectively unless you are sure of yourself. Only then can you begin to understand others. Our programs encourage vision, perception, empathy and trust, enabling leaders to lead, and teams to deliver.
Using a behavioural tool called Right Path, we first help an individual to establish ‘who they are’ and ‘what they have to offer from their natural talent’. By discussion we are able to identify acquired skills beyond this.

Check the PROCESS section for Right Path and our 360 degree feedback tool called Reflection 360. Both are new and fresh products that are easy to use, enjoyed by participants, and with clear useful and useable insights.

TEAM DYNAMICS has developed as a product that for as little as $750 per person can improve the performance of any team providing there is open minded leadership. It can encompass any specific needs or goals whilst working from a comprehensive menu of topics. This is a real opportunity for managers wanting to demonstrate that they can make a difference.
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