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Right Path Behavioural Profiles
The Right Path Solution includes a powerful and validated two-profile system for objectively and reliably predicting human behavioural tendencies, enabling a deeper understanding of natural actions and reactions.

The Path 4 Profile with 4 factors and 8 traits provides the behavioural 'x-ray' with easy to grasp analysis of a person's unique behavioural talents.

The Right Path 6 Profile is the 'MRI Scan' providing significant additional in-depth analysis with 6 factors and 16 subfactors of behavioural information.
  • The Path 6 Profile correlates to the Path 4 profile, providing increased accuracy and confidence.
  • Scores are measured on a continuum so that natural behavioural characteristics can be measured.
  • The system is highly validated and stable over time.
  • Measuring natural (inherent) behaviour is important, as this is generally how people behave under pressure.
  • User-friendly reports in common language as opposed to alpha-numeric codings, allow high retention and application by profiled candidates.
  • The strength of the report information is its workplace relationship focus.
  • The objective is to develop self-esteem from the behavioural traits identified.
  • Team reports give valuable insight into team dynamics, strengths, talent gaps and work styles, to assist create more efficient functional teams.
  • Comparison reports offer immediate and unique insight into individual similarities and differences, and one-on-one dynamics. This provides for conflict resolution, improved peer synergy and more effective communication.
  • Administration is in a friendly, non-threatening manner on line. Normally no more than 30 minutes being required. This is then followed by a written report and one-on-one briefing session.
Right Path Leadership Profile
Reflection 360 degree Feedback provides for objective feedback of leadership style and effectiveness and is designed to assist an individual to become a more balanced leader.

Candidate sends evaluation forms to managers, direct reports, peers and any other relevant people. These groupings are retained in the report, ensuring confidentiality for individuals.

Candidate completes a self evaluation form.

Questions relate to candidate's orientation to results, relationships, emotional intelligence (EQ) and trust.

Report lists responses by the chosen groupings relative to self evaluation.

Report allows for free comment.

Average scores are used to rank leadership attributes.

Administration is in a friendly, non-threatening manner on line, normally no more than 30 minutes is required. This is then followed by a written report for a one-on-one briefing session.
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