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Polonious offers a 360 degree product from the Right Path stable.

For candidates that have not already completed the Right Path 4 and 6 Behavioural profiles, these products are included in 'Reflection 360'.

Reflection 360 degree Feedback provides for objective feedback of leadership style and effectiveness, and is designed to assist an individual to become a more balanced leader.

Candidate sends evaluation forms to managers, direct reports, peers and any other relevant people. These groupings are retained in the report, ensuring confidentiality for individuals.

Candidate completes a self evaluation form.

Questions relate to candidate's orientation to results, relationships, emotional intelligence (EQ) and trust.

Report lists responses by the chosen groupings relative to self evaluation.

Report allows for free comment.

Average scores are used to rank leadership attributes.

Administration is in a friendly, non-threatening manner on line. Normally no more than 30 minutes is required. This is then followed by a written report for a one-on-one briefing session.

Leadership package $1250 (inc GST)

Charges include:
  • Right Path 4 & 6 online profile assessments.
  • Individual report in soft and hard copy format.
  • Correlated summary of both profiles.
  • Personal feedback session on profile findings.
  • Confidential 360 degree feedback program.
  • Personal feedback session on results.
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