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Recruiting, team building or moving on? Polonious Resources can help.
Optimise your Team selection & performance with Polonious Resources
Do you really know your team members? Do they know you, your objectives and company culture?

Our Behavoural Profiling process, the same used by many Fortune 500 companies, unravels natural behaviour, reviews and confirms key values and leads to enhanced ownership, responsibility and accountability. New and existing team members are encouraged to consider the strengths in others and the freedom and benefits of diversity, whilst better understanding the issues on which unity is essential.

When used at time of recruitment our process ensures the right candidate fit, avoiding the costly mistakes.

Our 360 Leadership programmes enable enlightened leaders to better understand their style and impact on their team

Forward Planning & Objectives
Planning is only effective when due consideration is given to those internal and external vectors most likely to impact your business.

Our Team Dynamics sessions review controllable factors such as positioning, cost management and resource allocation and assists manage critical external factors including competition, the economy and geo-political issues.

Seize the Opportunity
Our Team Dynamics programmes provide cost efficient, self evaluation and self development actions, enhanced understanding of the strengths of fellow team members and improved allocation of resources.

Through the process we can assist validate staff selection choices, identify fast track and remedial training opportunities and assist succession and outplacement planning

Contact Polonious Resources today to lay the foundations of your success tomorrow.
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