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Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
What is EI - Emotional Intelligence?
Polonious says:

While IQ is about how smart you are, emotional intelligence (EI) is about emotional competency, and emotional quotient (EQ) is about how emotionally mature you are.

EI can be defined as one's ability to understand, express, manage and utilize emotions in thoughts and behaviours. Defined this way, emotional intelligence is about the intelligent use of emotions, not about becoming more emotional!

There are four main areas of EI development, each of them interlinked:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management.
The starting point for everyone is the understanding of their very own 'behavioural profile' or personality DNA. Knowing where you sit on a whole range of behavioral continua, that is a measurement of your natural comfort zones, can be a most enlightening experience for many. Once you have established where you are positioned, you have a much better chance of understanding other people and where they are.

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