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Common Interview Mistakes
Common Interview Mistakes
Polonious Top 10
Polonious says:
  1. Arriving late.
  2. Not preparing by viewing the company's website, understanding what the company does, or having questions ready to ask.
  3. Leaving a mobile phone on, answering it when it rings, or worse, having a full conversation with the caller.
  4. Dressing inappropriately.
  5. Talking negatively about a current or previous employer.
  6. Confusing or mistaking dates and details of previous employment and responsibilities.
  7. Mistaking the boss for a secretary.
  8. Not knowing the name of the person you are seeing.
  9. Changing salary expectations.
  10. Showing an inability to listen to questions asked or to respond with concise, relevant answers.
With acknowledgement to AIM.
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