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Career Change
Career Change
Do you feel a bit stale?
Hard to get up and go to work?
Are the long hours out of balance with the rewards?
Are you not fully appreciated in your role?
Are you in a rut?

If any of these apply to you, Polonious offers some tips on how to make the change.
  1. Consider the change as a project. It could take 6 months.
  2. Get some advice from a professional development company such as Polonious Resources.
  3. Prepare yourself for a temporary change in status.
  4. Read some books and articles about career change, and some real life examples for inspiration.
  5. Complete a validated behavioural profile such as "Right Path" to check/identify which areas best suite your personality.
  6. Do some serious research on your ideas and aspirations.
  7. Talk to people already in jobs/careers being considered.
  8. Consider work experience to gain deeper insight.
  9. Identify re-training needs to improve your opportunities.
  10. Make a sound financial plan for the transition period.
With acknowledgement to AIM.
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