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Polonious Philosophy
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Polonious Philosophy
"To thineself be true; thou canst not then be false to any man".
David Fellows and Geoff Appleton
These were the words of advice given by the Shakespearean character Polonious to his son Laertes in Hamlet.

The depth and meaning of this statement is at the heart of the work done by Polonious Resources, a company established in 2002 by Geoff Appleton & David Fellows to provide individuals, teams and organisations with "fuss free' support in identifying opportunities for personal growth and change.

Our concept focuses on identifying individual and team strengths, enabling team members to better understand and better relate to fellow team members. The central principal is that by knowing your own strengths and struggles, you can better identify behavioural characteristics in others. Enhanced communication, trust and commitment are typical outcomes.

Our objective is to provide a catalyst for individual self evaluation, self development and change, enabling individuals to relate and perform better within their team.

The process requires both team leaders and team members to commit to corporate objectives whilst encouraging the development of a diverse range of individual talents to better meet the demands of any competitive environment.

Programmes are tailored according to team leader assessment of needs, as well as corporate budget and timelines. Our team dynamics programmes typically identify both fast track and remedial training requirements and on some occasions, the sensitive issue of outplacement, which handled correctly, can lead to greater team and individual satisfaction.

David & Geoff are experienced people managers who understand corporate and individual needs, apply empathy and understanding to assist resolve everyday issues, encourage the development of individual talents and generate team member commitment to the corporate objective.

Combining online technology with face to face interpersonal sessions, we assist individuals identify their talents and better understand fellow team members strengths. The process enables team leaders to harness and align those talents to corporate objectives, build trust and unity and better prepare the team to meet competitive challenges.

In creating Polonious Resources, David Fellows and Geoff Appleton have provided an affordable, practical management support option for forward thinking team leaders.
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